About OneTransit

Providing DIDs and SIP Trunks, IP PABX since 2004 and a licensed Telco Operator, we are trusted by government agencies and enterprises for over 15 years. In addition to SIP Trunk, our emergency and corporate SMS and Call broadcasts, were market's first when we launched in 2008, and has now evolved into a cloud based platform - iBroadcast.

We listen to our customers, and we take pride delivering above their expectations. Our customers who have been with us for more than 10 years are our best testimonials!

In the era of cloud, businesses transform and take advantage of being infrastrureless and zero hardware burden, and we are positioned at the forefront of this revolution. Find out how we can help you and unlock the possibilities!

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SIP Trunk for Call Center & IP PBX

Since 2004, OneTransit has been providing SIP Trunking for call centers and service providers to deliver world wide traffic terminations and DIDs. With open SIP standard, full redundancy network and multiple Tier-1 carrier connections, our customers enjoy consistent premium voice quality and uninterrupted service.

In addition, detailed call reports, real time QoS monitoring, reporting, and call recordings, are one of the many reasons why we are the preferred choice for call centers and enterprises.


  • Dedicated channels
  • Dedicated DIDs
  • Call Forwarding
  • Realtime QoS masurement and call recordings
  • Reports and statistic

iBroadacst - Integrated SMS and Call

Broadcast via SMS and Call with powerful tracking capabilities. To ensure the efficiency of your campaign, the results of broadcast are tracked with comprehensive parameters, detection of destinations availability and thus trigger the next launch of campaign to the filtered criteria.

Data Security is key to any business and Smart Broadcast system is built ground up to address the contact leakage or contact theft issue recently faced by many corporates, reported in the Newspaper.

With Contact DB protection, your contacts in the system remain safe, without sacrificing groups collaboration and efficiency. Below are general features overview:

Phonebook Management and Sharing

  • Manage unlimited phone book categories.
  • High Speed Import and Export.
  • Phone book protections with optional password.
  • Phone book sharing Groups.

Users and Groups Management

  • Manage 3 Tier Users.
  • Assign rights on phonebook access.
  • Unlimited sub-accounts.

SMS Broadcast Features

  • Schedule or SMS immediately
  • High Speed and Capacity
  • Support English and Unicode for SMS, 1K chars
  • Delivery Report and Destination verification
  • Comprehensive Report and Statistics
  • API for sending SMS with 3rd party app.

Call Broadcast Features

  • Schedule or Call immediately
  • High Speed and Capacity
  • Reach out to mobiles as well as landlines
  • Call Status Tracking (Success, Failed, Busy)
  • Online Text to Voice and Recording Tool
  • Tracking of user response with key press
  • API to convert text as voice calls

Chat@Artificial Intelligence

Connect your website visitors. Answer pre-sales or support questions, chat live and offer help to your customers and engage them anytime, anywhere, or divert them to a contact form and follow up later. Automate frequently asked questions with artificial intelligence chatbot, 24x7, autmoate processes and provide a pleasant customer experience!


  • Get in touch with people on your website and point them in the right direction. It has been proven that Live Support Chat is faster, easier and user-frindlier than email or phone.
  • Fully responsive and adapt to the look and feel automatically on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Communicate through your website or from your smartphone on the go (IOS & Android)
  • How long you have talked to a customer, where your customers are coming from, ratings, feedbacks, live map and much more.
  • Chat with your website visitors in real time, transfer customers to another operator, forward the customer to a contact form when busy, share files and images, engage with customer manually or automatically.
  • Automate your responses with Artificial Intelligence Chatbot and APIs and give visitor to your site a pleasant experiences.
  • and many more!

Image Gallery

Some screenshots of our cloud platform.

Smartphone View

  • Screenshot of an example dashboard, with chart and stats
  • Screenshot of a users list with context tooltip menu
  • Screenshot of a list of events
  • Screenshot of the navigation menu on mobile devices
  • Screenshot of an example modal window
  • Screenshot of a prompt window
Desktop View

  • Screenshot of an example dashboard, with chart and stats
  • Screenshot of tables styles
  • Screenshot of some of the many form elements
  • Screenshot of examples of messages
  • Screenshot of an example modal window
  • Screenshot of a prompt window
Our Legacy

  • Screenshot of our old memories
  • Our Core Values